You'll enjoy a gourmet feast prepared by our chef. All dishes use local ingredients to give a truly authentic taste of the south. While you are enjoying your meal, you'll be able to catch a glimpse of the stunning Okinawan scenery that surrounds the area.

Hiroshi Hasegawa photo Hiroshi Hasegawa

Head Chef

Hiroshi Hasegawa

Specializing in Chinese, Italian, and Japanese cooking and having numerous years of experience as the head chef at Cafe Kaila (A quality Hawaiian restaurant in Tokyo), he's now actively engaged in developing new dishes as our head chef. He has also appeared on several TV programs and media outlets and we're proud to welcome him to our team.

I'm proud to be able to give you an unforgettable, relaxing time. Please enjoy the view of the surrounding area and the sea while you enjoy your meal.

Umizora example dishUmizora example dishUmizora example dishUmizora example dish


〒 905-0403 Okinawa-ken , Kunigami-gun , Nakijin-son , Unten 506-1

Locating Us On Site

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  1. Parking is offered after passing through the chillma main gates.

  2. After passing through the gate, there should be signs indicating directions to reception. Please follow the sign.

  3. You'll be greeted by our golden entrance with a glimpse of the sea in the back. Please enter here.

  4. Take the stairs to the second floor and head down the corridor to find the restaurant entrance.

  5. Relax and enjoy some exquisite Okinawan cooking made by our chef!